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Finance for africa countries and organisations

AFC offers a unique value proposition as an Africa-focused bank covering complimentary service areas. These are: project development, technical advisory, principal investing and financial advisory services. – http://www.africafc.org

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Making Finance Work for Africa nations

Making Finance Work for Africa takes a panoramic view of Africa’s financial systems, both at the large scale (“finance for growth”) and the small scale (“finance for all”). Things are changing for the better in African finance. Finance can be a leading sector in transforming African economies—by opening up business opportunities to a wider clientele and by channeling larger resources more effectively.

The Making Finance Work for Africa (MFW4A) Partnership is a G8 initiative launched in October 2007. The Partnership brings together donor partners, African governments, the private sector, and other financial sector stakeholders with the aim of unleashing the full potential of Africa’s financial sector in order to drive economic development and reduce poverty

Financial sector development ranging from access to finance to Capital Markets.

Major Activities in 2011-2012/
  • Organization of Second MFW4A Partnership Forum (in Q4 2011);
  • Launch and dissemination of MFW4A publication „Financing Africa: Through the Crisis and Beyond;
  • Initiate one Making Finance Work for a Specific Country program

Housing finance (HF) in Africa is provided by financial institutions including primary mortgage institutions, development finance institutions, commercial banks and microfinance institutions. – http://www.mfw4a.org/