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Brazil’s Economy

Brazil is now the world’s Six largest economy putting down UK a step down the ladder.  Brazil that was once a nobody in terms of world economic status has come around quite well and quick. The sad part of many a country’s success is that the rise of the economy and the riches of the country are evident but the wealth not being distributed evenly, and it’s no different for Brazil. The wealth has grown triple fold and tenfold for some entrepreneurs while some parts of Brazil still remain poor and underdeveloped. Brazil’s economy grew by 7.5% last year, but the government has cut its growth forecast for 2011 to 3.5%

doing business brazil economy 2012

Other than china Russia moved up one spot in its league table to ninth in 2011, and is  predicted that it would rise to fourth spot by 2020.

India, the world’s 10th biggest economy in 2011 is predicted to become the fifth largest by 2020. The US, China, Japan, Germany and France occupied the top five places and India was placed on the 10th spot in the list, the Daily Mail reports.

Brazil has overtaken the UK as the world’s sixth largest economy, an economic research group has said. The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) said its latest World Economic League Table showed that many Asian countries are growing rapidly and moving up the world economic ladder while European countries  are struggling to keep their economy intact .  The Eurozone economy u is said to shrink 2.0 further in 2012 “if the euro problem is not solved”.

Brazil has a population of about 200 million, more than three times the population of the UK. Brazil’s economy has surged because of vast reserves of natural resources  like iron ore , coffee , soy beans , ethanol and a rapidly growing, and cash-rich, middle class.

Brazil economy growth and doing business in brasil

The Brazilian economy stopped growing in the third quarter and all evidence shows that the economy will take months to start growing vigorously again though this should be easily fixed by reigning in inflation  which has been a major problem  for most developing and developed countries recently. The Brazilian Central Bank started reducing interest rates in August, and the government removed restrictions on credit and enacted measures to stimulate consumption of home appliances.

In the year 2020 according to a Swiss think tank:  GNP size by nations:

6) Italy ($4.6 trillion)
7) South Korea ($4.5 trillion)
8) Britain ($3.6 trillion)
9) Brazil ($3 trillion)

… this data, with the current rapid world economic changes is definitely not current  and changed drastically but give you a picture of where we were and where we are .

 Doing business in Brazil

Companies  or organisations “Doing business in brazil”  or “planning to to do business in brazil”  have to take many factors into consideration  like the current political climate , investment climate , tax concessions available, regional incentives , investment policy , trade policy  and restrictions and many more factors mainly related with the sector that they are doing business in. Price water house coopers has a “doing business in Brazil research report”  written in 2005 that is available online but is a now out of date and this one which is more recent  “ doing business and investment in brazil 2010 Report”  gives  a  a good snap shot of things that need to be looked at   and researched  with current economic and political climate in mind before  doing business in brazil

Research Reports on doing Business in brazil –   Investment in Brazil – 10th edition –  Swisscam brasil Doing business in brazil 2008 report – Doing business in brazil 2010 report

Brazil Economy in 2012

Brazilians are now more optimistic than ever about the country’s economic situation with Brasils rapid  economic  growth, a survey released Thursday by the Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA) said.
The index measuring Brazilians’ optimism about the Country’s current economic situation rose to a record-high 67.2 pts in December from 63.7 pts in November, the survey said, whereas it stood at 64.6 pts in the same period in Y 2010. The share of Brazilians who said they were now out of debt rose to 56.1% in December from 55.6% in November.

Economists covering the Brazilian economy raised their 2012 inflation forecast to its highest ever for that year, after the central bank last week signaled it may soon halt the cycle of interest rate increases that began in January

Today Brazil is justifiably famous for the world largest rainforest the Amazon River,  Carnival in Rio, the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema,  its many champion soccer teams, and of course, for the amazing collection of organized diversity that makes it one of the most significant and important countries on the face of the planet.

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