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NSA spying scandal spurs BRIC countries to build own Undersea cable network

The BRICS countries are in the process of completing a brand new Internet CABLE backbone that would bypass the United States entirely and  to ensure the protection of the bric countries from the US  governments NSA spying.

Brazil  will be in center stage with this project and is set to finalize a 34,000-kilometre undersea fiber-optic cable by 2015 that will run from Vladivostok –> Russia to  -> Fortaleza –> Brazil, via Shantou –> China –> Chennai, India —> and Cape Town, South Africa (PIC BELOW)

Brics undersea cable network Spying

The BRICS cable was already in development months before the revelations of whistleblower Edward Snowden first became public in June.

After the news was leaked ,  with revelations that the National Security Agency hacked German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone, the fallout against the NSA has accelerated and spread with Many countries taking measures to  block the spying by US

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According to the INDIAN NEWSPAPER  Hindu, the project will create, “a network free of US eavesdropping,” which via legislative mandates will also force the likes of Google, Facebook and Yahoo to store all data generated by BRICS nations locally, shielding it from NSA snooping.

The 12,8Tbit/s system will be the first contiguous submarine cable linking all of the so-called Brics nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and SA) The 34,000 km cable, which would be the first of its kind to link Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, is expected to come online by the end of 2014, said Andrew Mthembu, chairman of technology group i3 Africa which is promoting the project.


Alcatel-Lucent contractors lay the TEAMS fibre optic cable on the Fujairah shore-end in the UAE

Potential investors including Internet giant Google will decide before year-end whether to proceed with a $1.5 billion
undersea cable linking the BRICS group of emerging economies to each other and the U.S., a senior official in the project said on Monday. More →

Stock picking with Google trends and Google search

Google Trends, a tool that looks at patterns of searches and words that are trending on google search on the Internet ,could be a potential money-spinner for investors as it provides hints of impending stock movements, a  new study by researchers have revealed  on Thursday.


Research done by a group led by Tobias Preis at Warwick Business School in central England analysed data from Google Trends from 2004 to 2011

Tobias Preis is a German complex systems scientist. He is Associate Professor of Behavioral Science and Finance at Warwick Business School which is a department of the University of Warwick.Wikipedia.

Advanced Stock trading strategies

They looked at the volume of searches for 98 terms some of them below








The results from this study from Google Trends search query volumes for certain terms could be used in the construction of profitable stock trading strategies or stock trading software systems


The researchers made a virtual portfolio of investment in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA),  and made a stock selection strategy based on search volumes that occurred  on the search engine and taking in the trend data. Their strategy included selling the following day  in the markets if  the terms tracked had a high search volume   and then repurchasing later. If the search volume on Sunday was low compared with the previous week, the researchers “bought” the following day.

Using the keyword “debt” from the trend data the term that saw the most fluctuation during the study period the strategy netted a whopping cyber-profit of 326 percent over seven years.

The paper suggests that search requests are a potential indicator of intent about investment decisions  and the study also suggests when many people are seeking information about a particular subject or keyword on a Sunday, this is a sign of worry and gives signal that they are likely to ditch stock when the market opens on the Monday.

This research data goes to prove that profitable stock trading systems could possibly be built  by using  free available data from search engines

Politics and elections with current news Brazil

Brazil Business

Brazil rolls out  a big concession program

22/02/2013 – The candidates and politics are heating up with “elections near in brazil” and so is the currency .“In the past seven months the Real was one of the least volatile currencies in the world. There is no need to take measures to control currency appreciation other than to leave it to float free,” Brazilian Minister of Finance Guido Mantega told Latin Business Chronicle… More

brazil elections politicsbrasil mardi grass


Elections , Politics and Early kick-off for Brazil Politics in Brasil: 21/02/2013

The 2014 presidential campaign gets under way Location: SÃO PAULO A CAMPAIGN that officially lasts just three months should mean that Brazil’s next presidential election, due in October 2014, feels far away. In fact it seems almost imminent.

On February 16th Marina Silva, who came third in 2010 as the Green Party’s candidate, launched a new party, the Sustainability Network and three days later the president, Dilma Rousseff, announced increased welfare payments to 2.5m poor Brazilians in a speech widely interpreted as launching her bid for a second term.

Theopposition, (PSDB) the Party of  Brazilian Social Democracy , is considering primaries that its bigwigs have designed to bolster Aécio Neves, their preferred candidate.

Eduardo Campos, the governor of Pernambuco state who heads a fast-growing centrist party, is mulling a run, too. Ms Silva’s “Network”, …  Politics in Brazil: Early kick-off

Trade restrictions  carbon  trade and  Air trade in brazil and BRICS – 21/02/2013

Can trade restrictions be justified on environmental grounds? Main image: 20130223_FND000_0.jpg CARBON markets look green around the gills. The price of carbon on Europe’s emissions-trading system, the world’s biggest, has slumped. Barack Obama’s hope of getting a cap-and-trade proposal through Congress seems as distant as ever.

There is no sign of action in places like India and Brazil. Carbon markets exist or are on their way in Europe, Australia, California, China and South Korea. One day, carbon prices will vary greatly between countries.

When they do, those with higher carbon prices will be at a competitive disadvantage because the cost of emitting carbon will be embodied in the overall price of goods, raising them relative to goods produced in countries with no or low carbon prices. A new study* by Aaditya Mattoo of the World Bank. With elections near  brazil will need to be more focuseed on  the future of carbon trade  and the world will need to wait and watch what the brazil elections bring … more Free exchange: Air trade

BRICS Plan to open own South-South Development Bank

The leaders of the Brics Countries  Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — collectively known as the BRICS — “agreed to examine in greater detail a proposal to set up a BRICS-led South-South Development Bank which will be like a “Bric fund” , funded and managed by the BRICS and other developing countries,” said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India.

BRICS brazil stock market  India summit

Brazil and India sign six pacts  in BRICS Summit Including BRIC Fund

A day after the BRICS summit, India and Brazil Friday decided to step up efforts to push the UN reforms and signed half a dozen pacts in areas ranging from science and biotechnology to cultural exchanges. This Includes  a BRIC fund to be set up in the form of a Development Bank for these and other growing economies.

The BRICS  that were initially just BRIC but now BRICS with the inclusion of South Africa  as well met at New Delhi on Thursday for their fourth annual summit.  Brazil, Russia, India and China became the ‘BRICs’ in a 2001 by Goldman Sachs in a report looking at the developing nations which may in time challenge the collective economic might of the G7. They discussed plans a the Brics Conference towards establishing a development bank that could one day serve as an alternative to the World Bank.

Together, the BRICS nations make up more than 40% of the world population and one-fifth of the global economy. On Thursday, the BRICS grouping including Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa called for dialogue to resolve the Iranian nuclear standoff and the Syria crisis.

Growth in BRICS Countries and BRIC FUNDS & INVESTMENTS

Brazil has seen its once rapid blistering economy slow to an estimated 2.7% this year. Russia’s recovery from the global recession has been slow compared with other developing economies even though they had a good year with oil  and gas earnings due to the mediterranen conflict, the World Bank said in a report this week. Growth in India has steadily fallen in the last 2 years due to inflation int eh county and other external factors