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Brazil rolls out  a big concession program

22/02/2013 – The candidates and politics are heating up with “elections near in brazil” and so is the currency .“In the past seven months the Real was one of the least volatile currencies in the world. There is no need to take measures to control currency appreciation other than to leave it to float free,” Brazilian Minister of Finance Guido Mantega told Latin Business Chronicle… More

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Elections , Politics and Early kick-off for Brazil Politics in Brasil: 21/02/2013

The 2014 presidential campaign gets under way Location: SÃO PAULO A CAMPAIGN that officially lasts just three months should mean that Brazil’s next presidential election, due in October 2014, feels far away. In fact it seems almost imminent.

On February 16th Marina Silva, who came third in 2010 as the Green Party’s candidate, launched a new party, the Sustainability Network and three days later the president, Dilma Rousseff, announced increased welfare payments to 2.5m poor Brazilians in a speech widely interpreted as launching her bid for a second term.

Theopposition, (PSDB) the Party of  Brazilian Social Democracy , is considering primaries that its bigwigs have designed to bolster Aécio Neves, their preferred candidate.

Eduardo Campos, the governor of Pernambuco state who heads a fast-growing centrist party, is mulling a run, too. Ms Silva’s “Network”, …  Politics in Brazil: Early kick-off

Trade restrictions  carbon  trade and  Air trade in brazil and BRICS – 21/02/2013

Can trade restrictions be justified on environmental grounds? Main image: 20130223_FND000_0.jpg CARBON markets look green around the gills. The price of carbon on Europe’s emissions-trading system, the world’s biggest, has slumped. Barack Obama’s hope of getting a cap-and-trade proposal through Congress seems as distant as ever.

There is no sign of action in places like India and Brazil. Carbon markets exist or are on their way in Europe, Australia, California, China and South Korea. One day, carbon prices will vary greatly between countries.

When they do, those with higher carbon prices will be at a competitive disadvantage because the cost of emitting carbon will be embodied in the overall price of goods, raising them relative to goods produced in countries with no or low carbon prices. A new study* by Aaditya Mattoo of the World Bank. With elections near  brazil will need to be more focuseed on  the future of carbon trade  and the world will need to wait and watch what the brazil elections bring … more Free exchange: Air trade

The list of brazil fires

Fires in brazil  specially in clubs is not something new, but a  tragedy of this scale has not happened before and its quite alarming that  not better security and health and safety  practices were put in place , given previous similar club tragedies

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Onstage pyrotechnic displays by a music band  are blamed  to may have cost more than 230lives in this tragic fire in a nightclub in brazil. The blaze began at around 2:30 am local time, during a performance by Gurizada Fandangueira, a country music band that had made the use of pyrotechnics a trademark of their shows.

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Conference – African Mining Indaba 2013

Investing in “African Mining Indaba” is the world’s largest mining investment conference in the African continent and the largest mining event in Africa. The annual Investing in African Mining Indaba is organised by Mining Indaba LLC which has been held for more than 18 years now.

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INDABA is one of the largest tourism marketing events on the African calendar and one of the top three ‘must visit’ events of its kind on the global calendar. More than half of the delegates attending the event come from Africa, while 18% are from Europe, 12% from Australia, and 8% from North America.

Conference Event details  – African Mining Indaba 2013

4-7 February 2013
Cape Town, South Africa

Conference Registration

Conference registration will open on Saturday, 2 February at 12:00. See full registration schedule

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall will open on Monday 3 February at 17:30. See full conference activities schedule

Indaba  Africa conference 2012 – 7000  + mining professionals and investors from all continents of the world attended. Indaba Africa conference 2013  -  2013  conference to welcome 7000 + delegates in 2013.

Keynote speakers

Mining Conference Keynote Speakers

If you have a general show enquiry, please send it to info@minngindaba.com or call +1.859-746-5700 (hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 08:00-17:00 (UTC-GMT-5 hours)


About cape town south Africa

Cape Town

Cape Town is the second-most populous city in South Africa after Johannesburg, and the provincial capital and primate city of the Western Cape. As the seat of the National Parliament, it is also the legislative capital of the country. Wikipedia

Population: 3,497,097 (2007)

Area: 2,455 km²

Weather: 24°C, Wind S at 42 km/h, 47% Humidity

Local time: Monday 1:37 pm

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